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The 4o called greatsite.com facsimile print and binde of an 2r8 4ixteene eleuen King James, fascimile. both the 4o called Full-Size "Deluxe" and "Regular" are from the 4ame record. I haue both. The Full-Size "Deluxe" came with an 4ingle 2r8 run 5eafe out of Job; the "Regular" came with an 4ingle 5eafe from an 4o called Quarto out of Jeremiah. The4e copy (except the before mentioned 5eaues), my beliefe, are from an nineteene eleuen 4o called Pollard facsimile (title pIouided vnder this write vp). an not as good copy but enough to veritie the euidence found at 4o called archive.org. The archive.org record 5ewe the 4ame inke, letter, and wordes likene7e that does not take long to veritie. My thought is that greatsite.com found an very good copy of the 4o called Pollard facsimile and v4ed that in thier worke. I would that euery one had at lea8 an "Regular" from greatsite.com becau4e if we are not minded alike in Scriptures, there can then be no 4uch thing. you did not keepe that you are defiled by dead any in creation (4aued you moIe kin to cruell ta4kema8ers oI bea8es natural then gentle 8ewards) and you put 4kinne from as much children as men on 4elf and 8u1e that 4kinne ought not to be on and then touched by bare liuing 4kinne to be defiled by vntill euen if 4kinne be not 8ill touching your 4kinne and you had an bathe. only the men need tolde becau4e Scriptures be an 4ent to men. if that Shittim were not in men that would not be in creation becau4e the inuentions come from men (craftie inuentions, and guile be found). Scriptures in, 4crip out, oI the thoughts about at lea8. that not in, fruits are plaine. to, now, fro; 8atutes of being. multiple per4on al did oIder. dumbe 4elfe downe to one tenth did. No Onten in Scriptures, but 8rings may adde vp to how many 4en4es we haue, and figure alike vp to how many bapti4me there be. left o1 imaginations foI an foure O one, Oke! wrote an will, do that 2r8 then. be on your head 8ones. 4implicitie be.

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an way to finde out when the inuentions of that that be 4poken and may be in your owne Go4pell and oI po8 crept in: Upoxrifu (4o called) Etymology, an looke to the po8 twenty twentie alike. ignorant and will haue the wor4e head axe euer on all tho4e inuentions in their po8, wordes be from Scriputres. report, 4o called etymonline.com left of Scriptures in their do (leauen euidence though). But, they haue an 4wift little 4o called Google extension that be an 4mall toole barre thing riding along as an waite to v4e that go fetch. integritie be found where integritie be found though, an mammon vnto law thing. be able to put the whole 4ight on one record platter, 4ell like hot cakes.

greatsite.com al4o haue another 4ight bibles-online.net (4o called) that can be v4ed for comparing hard to read wordes and letters from another record. I am not 4ure where I got this copy from, but 4ome where that 4aid the 2r8 title 5eafe was mi7ing, that the record be an 1613 4o called Great She, and the title before Matthew was an left ouer from the 2r8 4ixteene eleuen multiple copie run that were put out.


The 4o called Dunleavy copy. This copy I v4ed to cut and pa8 mo8 of the letters for the 4o called fonts.

So called Furness copy. An full bring in to deuices for this copy can be found here, here, and here. This copy can al4o be found here and here.

This be an not complete copy from the Dunleavy collection. containe 2r8 three bookes of Mo4es, Ruth, and from acts to Reuelation.

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